Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nataliemae Rocks!!!

My Etsy finds for this past Sunday were mainly inspired by this happy eggplant; he really was just sooo happy, I fell in love with him! And so naturally, when, the creator/seller of the this fine plush friend offered to do a trade, there was no way I could say no!

I want to share this because am so impressed with Natalie's work. This experience embodies everything I love about buying handmade. She is super-friendly but also sincere. The packaging was lovely, the item itself is lovely (not to mention eco-friendly). And there were some awesome handmade extras included in the package! It definitely had that personal touch.

This has really inspired me, as a seller, to go that extra mile. (It is something I will be working on!)

Please enjoy this short photo documentary, entitled,

"Unwrapping the Eggplant"

(creative name, eh?)

"hello, there!"



  1. oh my goodness how cute!! Natiliemae is def someone im going to have to check out!

  2. so cute! i just made an eggplant pincushion for a customer, she is trying to name the little one now! check it out: