Monday, February 1, 2010

Why White

And so here is the (debatably) first of my inconsequential kind of posts--herein we shall discuss why I chose white for my blog. :P

I got a bunch of great ideas for finding inspiration in the comments left on my last giveaway, and a lot of suggestions that I add some background colors to the blog. And I appreciate ALL of the input! However, I think I'm going to keep the white background, but I wanted to explain why...

There are a lot of colorful, design-ful (can that be a word?) blogs out there and I think most are absolutely beautiful. But for me, I like the plainness because I want to use it in the same way that art galleries use white walls, or the way individual works of art are matted.

Since I have no skill in any kind of web design and wouldn't be able to create my very own original background/layout, I would rather just stick to showcasing pictures of my original, crafted creations. (I know, I am stubborn!!) But I hope you keep reading anyway!

Also, if you're still reading after all these ramblings, I am curious: what would you like to see in the next Giveaway?

Above: my latest creation, a Leslie
Hall/Riff Raff-inspired space collar, the first
completed costume piece for the St. Patrick's
Day Parade in Delano. I usually wait until
the whole ensemble is together before I
share, but I couldn't wait! I have been
wearing this since I made it. I think it
pairs nicely with my underwear top.
I know, this has nothing to do with
my post today. :)


  1. aw i stick with white to. i love white. personally, im not a fan of colored background it distracts me but that could be related to the fact i am absolutely crazy.
    and as far as that collar, things like that remind me why i love you haha.

    and you may hate me for this but it just made me think of lady gaga.

    gus wants one.

  2. HA!!! no, i was thinking of lady gaga too.....and like i said, i just need gus' measurements!!!