Monday, February 8, 2010

Currently On the Needles...

I wish I could remember what kind of yarn this is. I think it has bamboo in it. It is on its way to becoming another pair of wrist warmers!

This is going to be a baby sweater (I hope!) for a special little someone!! I couldn't resist this fun little kit from Plymouth Yarn. (And it's okay if mama sees this because I am going to be sure to make many other surprises for her little bean that will actually be surprises!)

This acrylic mess on size 50 needles is part of an experiment of sorts for my zine I plan on publishing soon..hehe.

And of course this is sock number two. I had feared second sock syndrome, but fortunately haven't been experiencing it this time!


  1. ahh! this excites me! you are a knitting machine!! I LOVE all of your yarn. it is so beautiful. I really need to learn to knit something besides a plain scarf...

    p.s. I love you leanne! ;p

  2. hehe I LOVE YOU TOOOO!!!! :D

    you need to knit some socks!! they are super fun when you figure them out and if you want i can show you when you visit!