Sunday, February 21, 2010

Finished Baby Sweater & Then Some

FAIL: I never made the fry bread. I will, it's just that I didn't happen to do it when I said I would. It was soooo dreadfully dreary on the weekend. I cannot be held responsible for such weather, and I cannot be expected to do anything other than nap and dine upon frozen pizza and similar delicacies during such weather!

However, I DID finish baby's sweater!!! Yay! I think it is adorable. Now I just need to begin my next baby project...(although I won't be posting anything about it until after mom receives it.)

In other knitting news...well, there's not much more. I realized I did something really stupid on my second sock, so I just had to quit working on it for a while. But now I've fixed everything and am ready to go on. Also, I have been messing with the pink yarn I finished recently. It has a nice squishy feel. It may become a scarf.

And...I love this combination! Today I made this simple little round pouch (you'll be able to see more views once I list it in the shop). But anyway, I really like the burlap together with the lace-printed vinyl. It seems very "gardenish," like it would be a nice fancy place to store your seed packs.


  1. all so beautiful, the colors and the textures. Your baby sweater is so precious and perfect!


  2. oh my goodness!!!! that is the cutest baby sweater EVER. PERIOD. I am so excited it's rediculous!

    you are the best leanne.


  3. That little sweater is so adorable...I started knitting this fall and so far, little gnome hats are as complicated as I've gotten. I'd love to do mittens and leg warmers some day...dont know if I'll ever be sweater good ;)