Monday, March 1, 2010

Some Things.

I thought I was going to get A LOT done this weekend!! Well...I was busy, but I still haven't done everything I wanted to do. I still have a parade costume to complete, a zine to make, seeds to plant, and the list goes are a few pics from this last weekend's (mis)adventures. I didn't get nearly as many good pics as I had hoped I would.

Fabrics!!! I am in love with these Japanese linen prints (of which I will have better pictures in the future.) We went on another visit to Charlotte's Sew Natural in Newton.

Plants!! We visited Atwoods on the way back.



Run down old motel.

This is not a great idea; I do not know why the owners tied her up will kill the tree and I am not sure how good it is for the horse, either!! But it was still cute. Cute and stupid.

It may have been just a *teeny tiny* bit wet for tilling, but it was a gorgeous day and we can't wait for spring!

Rhubarb number 1...

Rhubarb number 2!

Pretty pod.

An unexpected sight in rural Kansas...a Buddhist temple, I think? I believe this building is new.

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