Saturday, March 6, 2010

Folk at Lucinda's

To all my Wichita/Kansas peeps--check out what's new at Lucinda's!!

I am so very pleased to announce that one of my FAVORITE local stores, Lucinda's in Old Town, is currently carrying original, one-of-a-kind accessories made by me! All of the items below are currently available for sale. Buy local, buy handmade! :D

And even if you don't think you need any of my items below, visit the store anyway--it is truly fabulous. Lucinda's is a great place for unique and beautiful clothing, bags, wallets, jewelry, shoes, stationary and much more. I am proud to say that they carry A LOT of handmade things from local artists. Visit their website HERE. (It is currently under construction, but you can see their hours and address on the home page.)


  1. I left a comment but I guess it didnt stick!

    I am so jealous that you are in an actual brick and mortar store! I am glad I got to see it when I visited last :) How did you connect with them and get your stuff in their store to begin with? I have a couple local shops around here that I should look into one of these days.

  2. btw that second wristlet is SO cute (the one with the mushrooms and ostrich-y looking material)They are all cute it is just my heart belongs to the second one. ;p

  3. i am glad you got to see it too. you should definitely check into doing it, since your stuff is pretty much awesome! in this case i was blessed to "know someone who knows someone"....and she referred that sure helps. but still, get some pieces ready and give them a call or go in!!