Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Collage No. 3

  1. Cootie catcher madness! I am loving cootie catchers lately. Don't know why. It just seems appropriate. This is part 1 of Miss Mandi's small housewarming package.
  2. Owl fabric cuff, with a JustPuff button and loop closure.
  3. Lace and pretty printed Japanese linens, tied together with a bit of handspun. Part 2 of Mandi's package! (Sadly...I forgot to photograph part 3.)
  4. Pink hyacinth...getting too big for its little container! We are behind on gardening this year.
  5. So I realized that the yeast in the fridge is about to expire...and have decided to get baking. Pictured is my favorite, easy bread. It's super yummy too!!
  6. Fuchsia sock yarn from Twist...I'm calling it unicorn yarn. I am just savoring it for a while in hank form. Perhaps I'll start knitting it before the weekend...or not.

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