Monday, October 12, 2009

The Horrorrrrrr......!

What a weird weekend. Dreary, cold weather, riding on a tractor in said weather, going down the road at...well, I don't know what speed. Fast for a tractor anyway, especially when the wind is blowing in your face and it's 40 degrees out... And then the kind of "drama" that makes one feel like she's back in high sch--wait, no, jr. high...or maybe more like elementary school. Yeah, I think that would be fitting. But at least I finally got to see Zombieland! :)

But, before that, we went out to look at some property. The best part of this excursion is that it was so...creepy. Again, the camera has failed to fully convey just how creepy it was out here. And I love creepy. So anyway, here are some photos of scenes that struck my fancy. They look deceptively tame here.

{Also: notice the teddy bear in the 3rd about something straight from a horror movie. WTF is a teddy bear doing there?!}

PS--don't forget, the October Plaid Wristlet GIVEAWAY ends tomorrow!
But there is still time to enter! :)

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  1. wow! i love its creepiness! the teddy bear is odd...kind of eerie...and i love the pic through the hole in the window...annnd the water the horses hehe...i guess i love it all thanks for sharing!