Monday, October 19, 2009

Garden Prep

Today was sunny and warm, a nice change from the almost freezing temperatures we've had lately--it's been kind of cold for mid-October! So today we worked on the future garden spot. Our ground is mostly clay, and not really ideal for growing anything decent, but we are trying to fix it. We will probably have to bring in some topsoil before it's over, but we've been digging it up, adding grass clippings, goat poop (a great fertilizer), and tilling it. And today, Mom transplanted her rhubarb.

I love gardening more and more all the time. It seems to be one of the few real things left. I'd really like to be able to share some of this with my Etsy customers! I have been thinking about selling this great fertilizer...and some seeds that I have around the house...and a number of other things nature-related, simply to share a the wealth. Ah, as if I don't have enough big ideas already! Whenever I do get a garden category, I will be sure to share with all of you!

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