Sunday, July 19, 2009

Turning from my frumpy ways...

Yessss!!! I am really excited about clothes, lately. Well, actually, I'm always excited about clothes--designing, making, selling, looking at, etc... What I should say is that I'm excited about clothes for myself!

I guess I am a bit like a mechanic who, even though he fixes cars for a living and has the know-how, drives a piece of junk. I can make fancy thangs for other people, but usually don't make them for myself. But I want to change this! Oh, and I will! Won't you join me now as I share some lovelies? :)

First up is cute vintage dress I found in a Newton thrift store a little while back. I don't know exactly how vintage it is, but I know it is! One of the many things I'd like to learn is how to "read" clothing tags. My friend knows how, but I am pretty much clueless where this is concerned. But the style and fabric makes me think '70s on this one...

{I have more great thrift store finds which I'll show you later--I have to pace myself!}

The second fine garment I have today is a FOLK original (teehee...) I made it for the shop, but I cannot let it go!!! I will be sure to make more, because I am really thrilled with the design, but this is the prototype and I'm keeping it. (It looks better ON, but I was too lazy to put it on for the pic.)

Have a great week! I'll be posting later this week and might even have--*gasp!*--giveaway!


  1. love the red vintage dress -adore your skirt! Love your work!!

  2. i am in loooove with that dress!!!! i hope you wore it to the rodeo....i would have.

  3. haha! unfortunately, i did not. maybe next time, or if i ever go to the drag races. ;)