Monday, July 6, 2009

Lots of Spinning...

This past week/weekend, I have had time to do lots of spinning!  It may not look like a lot, but trust me, it is...for me and my little drop spindle, anyway.  (And a small amount of it was spun before the weekend.)

The first thing I finished was the plain rambouillet I had been working on...yes, the same stuff I've spun upbefore!  And, I'll probably leave this one undyed, too, like the others.  (Especially since Kool Aid dying is all I know right now.)  This stuff is a little overspun, but the extra kinks seem to come out slightly when I wind it into a ball.  I think it will make a nice pair of folksy mittens anyway, especially when I put a little bit of embroidery on them.  

The second project I finished made enough yarn for maybe...a bracelet?  I found two little misfit balls of overspun yarn that were ready to be plied and did just that. 

For the last one, I decided to get kind of fancy.  I absolutely love the way this turned out.  I spun some of my brown alpaca and then I had a little bit of dyed wool that I had originally purchased for felting purposes, which I also spun.  There are only two plies, but I alternated green and teal on the wool single so it almost looks like three.  I had a few problems when I was plying the two together; the alpaca was a little fine and so it would break apart several times.   However, the plying kept it strong, and after I set the spin, it felt even stronger.  And it is sooo beautiful!!


  1. how pretty!!! i love love the last one! thanks for sharing :D

  2. it is really beautiful, love the blue and tan combined!

  3. I love that yarn! Which one? All of them. I must say the natural color of the first one is my favorite. Because I can visualize the mittens with embroidery on them.