Thursday, July 30, 2009


Yep...I have decided that I really love shoes. Unfortunately, this is one of the handmade things I cannot see purchasing right now...even though I know they are worth every penny! :( So, I have to be satisfied with store-bought, factory-made, $7 clearance shoes....but I have a confession to make:

I LIKE it!

I am calling these my Barbie shoes...because, well....that's what they remind me of! They're a sugary-sweet coral color that the camera just barely captured, and shiny shiny!! I love the patent leather, the pointy toes, the little heels....a little tacky and a little classy. Perfect.


  1. oh!i love them!!! they are the prettiest color!

  2. i knowwwww!!! they are, like, the perfectest shoe. it's like a dream. a payless dream...

  3. Wow, they do remind me of barbie. and $7 what a bargain!!! I'm missing shopping in America, everything is so expensive in Oz

  4. perfect description, I LOVE them too, and so will Ken..