Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rad Lady Artists, Episode 1

Rad Lady-Artists!

The first Rad Lady Artist I'm featuring today is Ramona Muse, who has an awesome etsy shop,  I little while ago I commissioned her to do a postcard portrait for me, for a mere $5!!  It turned out beautifully; she really captured our essence in this sweet little caricature.  The card shows me, my mom, and my goat, and is living on the refrigerator until we get it framed.  Want one?  She has one custom postcard listed in her shop as of right now; hurry before it's gone!   (Ramona also has some very fashionable vintage and reconstructed clothes in her shop that you must see!)

Ramona, in case you don't know, is also in a musical group called Leslie & the LY's.  I suggest you purchase ALL of their albums.  Seriously.  

The second Rad Lady Artist for today is a fellow Wichita Handmade member, Hallie Linnebur.  This lil' lady has an Etsy shop,, where "you will find all kinds of wearable goodies for fierce girls," to quote the artist herself.  And truly, her original, one-of-a-kind clothes ARE fierce!!  I love them.  But Hallie is also a talented painter and was recently featured in a local show.  I absolutely love style; it is so unique.  Here are a few of her exquisite pieces.  


  1. i commented on this must have deleted it i swear it showed up!! i was saying how awesome your post card was and i love biscuit it turned out perfect!

  2. wow- very cool art-thanks for sharing- Happy 4th!!