Monday, July 20, 2009

Pretty Prairie Rodeo

Yes, it is Kansas' Largest Night Rodeo. Hehehe....I may have only been to one or two other rodeos before in my lifetime, but this was definitely a pleasant event. The weather was great, the bulls were cute, the clowns were really corny, and I got to wear cowboy boots. Not the best event for taking photos, obviously, but it was fun!

Shirt from Vital.

Elevators rock.

A rodeo clown!

Rodeo clowns are the best.

Japanese beetle that attacked my mom.

Mutton bustin'!


  1. haha yaaay how fun!!! i love the boots and the shirt and the necklace and the bulls and clowns...and as far as the beetle...i have a backyard full of them they are eating my tree and pooping on my deck so i cant sit out there for dinner because it creeps me out...and when birds land in the tree it rains beetles...ew. haha anyways i should have carried on about this on facebook...oh well :D

  2. LOL, yes, i saw your beetle post!! i thought of you....well, when i was posting this, anyway... and i am still pretty broke up about erasing my clown video... :(