Monday, July 27, 2009

Self-Imposed Shopping Guidelines

I have actually been doing this for quite some time now, but this is going to be my "official" announcement:

From here on out, I will only be acquiring clothing that follows one or more of these guidelines:

  1. Handmade by an artist/craftsperson (NOT including children in Bangladesh) :)
  2. Vintage, found in a thrift store, or second-hand.
  3. Made in the USA

As with all good rules, there are some exceptions! Hey, it can't be perfect world...notable exceptions are:

  1. Shoes. If I need a new pair of shoes, they are probably going to come from a factory in China, as I don't have the funds to be buying a lot of handmade shoes...
  2. Underwear, especially bras, for the same reason as shoes. (Although, I do have a good mind to repurpose some stretchy t-shirts into some cute knickers!)
  3. Bellydance costuming items. While I do make most of my dance costumes, there are some things--usually the costuming components our teacher makes us buy for performances--that are made in what are, essentially, Egyptian sweatshops. I rarely buy these kinds of pieces anymore, though, unless, as I said, it's required.
I have followed this pretty strictly for at least a year, I think. I haven't been keeping track. But I am going to be very conscious of it now that I've written about it.

That's enough pontificating for one day.

I would like to thank everyone who has followed/commented/blogged about my giveaway!!! I truly appreciate it all, even if I haven't responded yet! Don't forget to tell your friends, there is still time to enter!

Take care and have a great Monday,

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