Saturday, June 27, 2009

Super-Cheap Bamboo Roving...Kind of!

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For those of you who spin, I just wanted to share a rather economical (and eco-friendly) discovery I made recently!  The other day I was in the fabric store and searching from some fiber fill for plushies; I was looking for one of my favorite ones, but didn't see it.  Instead, a bamboo fiberfill caught my eye.  I love bamboo, so I figured I would get it.  Upon closer inspection, though, I didn't think it would be exactly what I wanted; it looked too dense.  But it also something else.  What did it look like?  Roving!!  It looked like something I could spin!

So of course, I purchased it.  I didn't know if it would work or not, but I figured that if it didn't, I could just go ahead and use it for my original intend purpose anyway, right?

I did indeed spin a little sample of it this week, and it works!  That is, it easily spins into a string that won't fall apart.  Granted, it is not nearly as smooth as roving intended specifically for spinning would normally be.  However, it's all a matter of taste, and I personally don't mind a little bit of "ruggedness" in my yarn!

The price of a 12 ounce bag was $9.99 at Joann Fabrics.    After a minimal amount of internet research, it would seem that the average price for actual bamboo roving would be about $25 to $35, depending on where it was purchased.  

Conclusion:  bamboo stuffing is a dream come true for me!!  The texture of the fiber works well enough and the price definitely works.  I am very pleased.  :)


  1. Fantastic! Ecomonical, practical and Eco-Friendly! Cannot wait to see what you make!

  2. ooh, i am so excited about it. i will have to spin more before I can make anything, but i think i'm getting just a little bit quicker at it. i'm thinking maybe i'll make a scarflette of some sort. :)

  3. OH, and i forgot to mention, it's made in the USA!!! yay!