Tuesday, June 23, 2009

GIVEAWAY No.2: Daikini Pincushion

Here it is, my second giveaway!   This time, I am offering you the lovely--and, as always, handmade by me--Daikini Pincushion.  Why is it a 'Daikini' pincushion?  Well, first of all, I'm a huge dork.  (In case you didn't know that.)  And the fabric I used for the top was purchased because I saw it one day right after watching Willow, and it TOTALLY reminded me of the blanket the Daikini baby was wrapped in...totally.  Did I mention I'm a dork?

Okay, here are the oh-so-simple ways to enter:

If you would like one entry, simply follow the blog, but make sure you leave a comment here to let me know you're following!  

To enter again, visit the shop, folk.etsy.com, have a look around, and come back here to let me know which item is your favorite.

To enter a third time, mention me in your blog, twitter, etc.  Be sure to let me know in a comment!

Basically, each comment is an entry, so if you're doing all three of these things, be sure to leave three comments! :)  The winner will be drawn someone on Saturday, June 27th, using a random number generator.  GOOD LUCK!

(PS--pins are shown for an example and not included...sorry!!)


  1. Elora Danon! I always loved the reference to the Tuatha, there- obvious to anyone who was a folklore geek, but not head-clubbingly so. Ah, that was a great movie.

    Ahem. Anyway, yeah. Pincushion. Pincushion would be good.:)

  2. I love your whole shop! Seriously, I've had it hearted for ages. But every time I look, you've got something new to swoon over! No fair!

    But for right now..man, I might have to buy these Kelly Green trousers. I really might, budget be danged.



  3. Psh....you know I would buy like your whole store if i could. I like everything!

  4. yay for pincushions!

    p.s. mine isnt better than yours...i was getting aggrivated because i couldnt get it to look as nice as yours :D

  5. I love your blog and are following and enjoying it! PLEASE enter me in your blog giveaway for the COOL vintage style pincushion!!!

  6. Looked through you lovely shop again and fell for the Chrysanthemum cream colored cuffs with the vintage button -LOVE!