Friday, June 19, 2009

And the Winner Is.....

A number has been drawn using a random number generator, and Lucky Packet, you are the winner of Folk Craft's First Giveaway contest!

Thank you all so much for following the blog, entering in the contest, and leaving such lovely comments.   :) 

I would like the Folk Craft Giveaway to be a regular event, so I will try to post a new giveaway next week, possibly Monday...?  We'll see!

And don't forget to tell your friends so that they, too, have a chance at winning!



  1. Thanks -Happy Weekend to you too! love your blog!

  2. Oh my goodness! I was willing to be my child that I was going to win! haha. It's alright...maybe next time. Oh, and please please please dont giveaway the thing i want. [i will not mention what it is...but you know, dont want anyone going to check it out. Oh, and dont sell it in the store either!]

  3. thank ya'll!!

    oh, ebonyrenee, i am so sad about ONE of the things you wanted, and i can say what it is--the dance necklace--because i had to take the listing down. :( nobody will be wearing this necklace now....let's just say an accident, kind of. but i will try to make similar in the future!!! i am so sorry!! it makes me sad because, well, i loved it too of course!

    i am thinking i will shoot for tuesday for the next giveaway. ;)

  4. congrats to lucky packet! and im excited to see what you will come up with next!

  5. Ahh! That is so exciting!!! I am completely shocked the best way ever of course!

    Thank you so much! What do you need from me?