Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Looong Weekend Revue

Started my basket on Thursday, finished it...Friday? Or Saturday? I can't remember!! The days sort of ran together. Anyway, it does fit nicely on the head, but is sitting on the floor, filled with embroidery stuff, current knitting projects, and things to be mended.

Went to the Mosley Street Market on Saturday! It's a weekend thing, and has been going on for 3 weeks now, so it is just getting started. However, found an absolutely dreamy, handmade soy candle from Good Stuff Inc., and an adorable, handmade horse wallet from a lady who I don't think had a card or anything, and I'm sorry to say I couldn't tell you her name. :( Her prices were ridiculously low, though. She sat there and sewed while watching her booth...look for her!

Worked on a goat fence and took goat pictures for a friend...while the horse and little goats "helped."

Took a deep breath.

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