Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tutorial: Sewing Dulcina (the Doll)

My first real tutorial....FINALLY! gentle. And don't hate. :P And above all--if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions (or really anything at all to say,) leave a comment, for goodness sake!! :)

Dulcina the Doll

Materials needed:
  • Scrap fabric (I used muslin for the head, arms, and legs, and plaid from a vintage skirt for the body)
  • 18 inches of 3.5"-wide lace
  • 9 inches of 1.25"-wide lace
  • buttons for eyes and embellishment
  • thread or embroidery floss
  1. Using the template (located here), cut out body pieces.
  2. With wrong sides together, use a whipstitch to sew head to body piece. Repeat for back.
  3. With wrong sides together, stitch around leg piece, starting at corner of the top, going around the toe, and stop about 1"-2" from toe. Put a bit of stuffing in. Sew a couple more inches, stuff again. Continue until you have worked up the leg. Repeat with other leg and arms.
  4. Take one of the body/head pieces and lay it down, wrong side facing up. Arrange legs in desired position. Make sure they are overlapping the body by about 1/4" or 1/2". Baste to body. Repeat with arms.
  5. Once you have basted arms and legs to the body piece, lay it in front of you, with the wrong side up and legs and arms sticking out. Lay the other body/head piece on top, right side facing up. begin stitching around the edge. leave a 3" hole for stuffing. Stuff and stitch closed.
  6. Taking the wide lace, baste along the top, about 1/2" from the edge. Gather into a width that matches the doll's body circumference.
  7. Wrap the "skirt" around the body of the doll, with the open edge in back. Use a running stitch to attach it to the body.
  8. Take the smaller lace and cross ends as shown. Baste/gather in the center. Stitch to head, along with button.
  9. Sew on other button adornments and eyes, and stitch a mouth.
  10. You are DONE! :)


  1. So cute! I can see making a few of these with different looks and personalities.

  2. oh yes! i would LOVE to see what other come up with if they decide to try this. :)

  3. soooo cute!! what a great pattern and tutorial - thank you for sharing!

  4. yippee, congrats--your first tutorial! Adorable----such a cute little crafty creature. Love it!

  5. Awesome thank you for sharing!!