Monday, November 16, 2009

Yarn and Apologies.

Apologies first. As you may have noticed, I did NOT feature a seller on Friday as usual! I am sorry about this, but WILL have a featured seller this Friday, so watch out for her! :)

Now, to the fun stuff! I finished spinning this a while back, but didn't set the spin until this weekend. So, without further ado, Purple Love by The Gourmet Sheep! A locally-made product sold at my local yarn shop, Twist. (Yeah I know, I'm a little obsessed.)

Please enjoy various shots of this lovely yarn! {I believe it's 80% merino/20% silk??}


  1. soooooo pretty! (i love the little heart pic) :D

  2. This is beautiful! I will have to stop by your shop sometime very soon! (Since its only a 5-10 min drive from my house!! :)

  3. ooh lovely yarn! and such vibrant colors!