Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happenings and Whatnots.

1. Took a little Sunday drive. Saw the usual Kansas-y stuff. I did take more pictures, but they're not as spectacular as I hoped they would be. (I am always disappointed and surprised at how a camera cannot capture the same kind of beauty you see with your eyes!)

These are some sad, sad pumpkins...so why does this picture make me laugh?

2. Pine cones + Glitter = Awesome!!! These are bad pictures, I know. This was sort of my test garland of pine cones, and they're hanging from my future herb shelf, so there are all sorts of things that were blocking my view like junk mail and the trash can and other assorted lovelies. I plan on going outside and getting quite a few more of these pine cones so I can make an impressive garland and hang it somewhere a little more scenic.

3. New listings in the SHOP!! Please check them out, I added about 6 new items this morning.

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