Friday, September 11, 2009

I should be working...

...but this streak of rainy weather and a messy workspace that I just can't seem to clean up has left me unmotivated. So I thought I'd stop by here and share my latest finds from Needle Nook Fabrics!

These are definitely day-brighteners. Maybe I'll make myself a little something with them in a bit? I especially love the wide, yellow lace. Needle Nook is definitely THE place to purchase lace trim. The variety is enormous, the colors and styles are beautiful, and it's even less expensive than at Joann Fabrics. If you're in Wichita and sew, you must stop by and check it out.


  1. i love it all! especially the poka dots! :D

  2. Thanks for your advice.! Well, I used to get fabrics from Joann Fabrics, I will check out this store too in near future.