Monday, September 27, 2010

Music Monday: Leslie Hall!

I've mentioned her a couple times, maybe posted a video or two, but I thought I should bring her up again. Because she's just that awesome. Well, really I should say she AND her band mates are awesome. I'm talkin' about Leslie.

Leslie (Hall) and the LY's are a small group out of Iowa. They started out as "cewebrities" and...well...I suppose they still are mainly that. But they also tour the country, and I am just waiting for the day they come here.

Just why do I love them so much? They are midwest girls and proud of it. Their overall aesthetic has a real '80s-neon-kitty-and-pink-bows-on-wicker-woven baskets kind of vibe. Leslie wears a LOT of spandex, gold fact I think spandex is all she ever wears. And they sing about crafts. And sequins. And snacks. And besides that, their music really is catchy.

Please look at her website and maybe even buy an album. I am also big on Leslie because she is not unlike any other independent crafter/artisan with a dream, working stitch by stitch to make that dream come true. Except her stitches are beats...well...and sometimes stitches. (She makes and sells spandex pants, too.)

My favorite new video of hers. Please be warned that it is what some might call "weird":


  1. I love her too! Lol, she has appeared a few times on Yo Gabba Gabba, my 3 year old's favorite show ;) I love her crafting song, it cracks me up every time...and I've probably watched it 50 times ;)

  2. awesome!! it always warms my heart to find a fellow leslie fan! :D