Thursday, July 22, 2010

Absinthe Phosphorescence?

Today is July 22nd. Do you know what that means? Folk turns two today!! And in honor of this anniversary....I have nothing planned. :( It completely snuck up on me. Normally I would have a sale, but it's too late for that now, right? Right?? Okay, maybe sometime soon.

I do have SOME news to share, though. I have recently become a member of the Midwest Treasury Team on Etsy--check out some treasuries created by its members!

Also, I have been getting into YARN again. For months I did not allow myself to buy any new yarn, as I have more than any one person really needs. I thought I would try to use some of the old stuff before acquiring new. (Though incidentally, I didn't knit much during the yarn fast.) But anyway, one day, there was this clearance on yarn, and...well...everything sort of wend downhill from there. But on the bright side, I'm knitting a lot!

And recently I bought some fiber. This is yarn I handspun using wool purchased from a Kansas seller, The color is breathtaking!! It is so bold and vivid. I haven't decided exactly what to call it. Green Ecstasy? The Verdant Vixen? Absinthe Phosphorescence?? Anyway, the mint green is really something against the kelly and chartreuse.

As for knitting, I've already completed a lovely beret using Vintage, a yarn that has been out on the market for a little while but I just recently discovered and fell in love with it. (I'll try to get a good pic ASAP.)

Currently on the needles, I have a lovely scarf of a pretty boucle, and a just cast on a shawl for my mom using some soft, chunky variegated gray yarn. And I have a plan for mittens...and...well, this is quite enough for one post! I just need to write more often so I don't overwhelm anyone at one time. More craft adventures coming soon, along with some exciting news about a charity drive! Don't miss it!

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