Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hope for an Orphaned Etsy Shop

When the craft-bug really, REALLY got to me and I wanted to do more than sell bellydance costumes, I opened a little Etsy shop called Sugar Pickle. It was full of colorful, crazy, loud, kitschy, silly, fun stuff. And while I still loved all of that, I eventually began to "grow up" in my creativity and moved on to start a new Etsy shop, Folk, which all of you lovely darlings know about already.

So, dear old Sugar Pickle was neglected. It has languished in the background for some time now; I quit adding new items, I might make one sale every couple months or so, and that was that.

Recently, however, I have been thinking of ways to do more good. While I always try to be conscious anyway of the materials I use and the way I use them, I would like to get serious, like, real serious, about crafting things that are very specifically eco-friendly. And I would like to donate any profit received from these items to causes that help people and the environment. AND, I need an outlet for these I am reinventing and reclaiming Sugar Pickle!

Upon the Grand Reopening, Sugar Pickle will be the purveyor of fine recycled-plastic-bag wallets, hand-knit wash clothes, comfortable reusable menstrual pads, and then some. I hope to add many more earth-friendly items to the list shortly after I get the "new" shop up and running. But, until then, please know that Sugar Pickle's Grand Reopening is scheduled for SEPTEMBER 1st, which is--gasp--Tuesday! Please stop by and support handmade, and get some eco-conscious goods, all while supporting my charity fund!


  1. Oh, boy! I do hope you'll remind us when the Big Day arrives!

  2. most definitely! :D hehe, you will hear allll about it!