Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Leslie and Lettuce

So....last Friday I received the most fabulous thing EVER in the mail, the new Leslie Hall album, Back 2 Back Palz. I love it. Most people would probably hate it, but I'm weird.

And I had planned on writing a review of it, but then I realized that I had no idea what I was doing and that I should leave that to the experts. Sadly there probably aren't any experts who would review it. But you should totally go to her MySpace page and listen...

{the talented "Mother Gem"}

So instead of writing a ridiculous album review last night, I decided to work on an interview that an Etsy friend of mine asked me to participate in. I am pretty excited about it! It should be up on her blog in the near future {here!}

{finished product of the creative process as displayed in my interview with Toni...it's also for sale here!}

And lastly I wanted to show off my lettuce babies. Actually I guess they're my mom's, she planted them. But I'll be eating them, too. Sadly my herbs aren't up yet! I guess they're supposed to take longer to germinate. We'll see...

ps--don't forget the giveaway!!!

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  1. I plan on planting a garden this year being that its the first time we actually own some dirt to do it in. Maybe I should get started too... I've got a lot to learn. lol