Wednesday, April 1, 2009


When a small handmade clutch slid behind a chest--from off of a huge heap of other handmade items--and I realized I'd have to move literally half of the things in the room just to move the chest, I decided it was time to do some major organizing.  So, I did not make anything today.  I did do a lot of rearranging.  But it still doesn't look like I did a lot of rearranging.  (Yes, it's that bad.)  But, I found some treasures!  And, I found something pretty groovy to share on the blog.

 lovely bohemian/faery/ice-queen vest was started years and years ago, in a time when it would seem that I had a little more ambition, especially
 considering I had no idea what I was doing.  It was actually completed at one point, but then I decided the bottom hem was all wrong.  It has been
 sitting here with a raw hem.  But now that I've found it, I can complete it!  Yay for finding things!

(And pardon the wrinkles, I knew I had to shoot it right away or it might not get done!)

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